How to Create MetaMask Account

1. Go to Chrome Webstore, get the MetaMask plugin and click “Add to Chrome” to install MetaMask as a Chrome extension.

2. Now that you have MetaMask installed in your Chrome, you have to set it up. Agree to the Terms and Conditions once you have read it.

3. Click “Create New Vault”. Provide a password that is strong enough to secure your account. Click “Ok”.

4. MetaMask will then show 12 words. You need to copy these words and store them somewhere safe. That is your “seed” and you will need it to restore your account. MetaMask will ask you to enter the words to confirm your account

5. Now, your account has been created. If there is 1 ETH in your wallet, this means that you are on the testnet. What you have to do is change to the Main Ethereum Network. Once you do this, MetaMask will ask for your password. Input your password to unlock.

6. Now that you are on the main network, you can get your wallet address by clicking on the “copy” logo. Using your wallet address, you can send Ether from any coin exchange or other wallet.